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Operation theatre Complex

The operation theatre suites at MERF are among the best in the country. The salient features include:
Three operation theatres with the latest KTP /532 laser, the most advanced ENT laser system in the world as well as the CO2 laser for performing various Laser procedures
Three Carl Zeiss microscopes for micro ear and microlaryngeal surgeries with in-built camera for teaching purposes
Xomed microdebrider - used for debulking nasal masses
Three ventilating anesthesia machines, monitors for recording BP, pulse, saturation of O2, ECG and EtCO2 levels
Storz endoscopes with camera and two xenon light sources for endoscopic nasal and skull base surgery
Fujinon Fibre optic bronchoscope
Kavo, Marathon, and WXH micromotors
MERF uses the most advanced multi-channel Facial Nerve Monitor during cochlear implant and skull base surgery
Surgical Operating Microscope - OPMI VARIO with MAXER 3 chip camera & Sony LCD medical guide monitor
The operation theatre complex has facilities for audiovisual projection to the auditorium in real time for conducting CME programs

KTP/532 Laser

CO2 Laser

OPMI VARIO with MAXER 3 chip
camera & LCD medical guide monitor