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PhD Programme:

Madras ENT Research Foundation (P) Ltd is recognized to conduct Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programme in conjunction with The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai from January 2013.

1) PhD in Otorhinolaryngology (2 candidates)
2) PhD in Audiology (2 candidates)
3) PhD in Speech & Language Pathology (2 candidates)

Two candidates will be selected every year for the Ph.D. Courses begin in January and eligible candidates have to apply to MERF before 15th September.

PhD in Otorhinolaryngology –
Duration: For Candidates with Masters Degree in ENT (M.S.) is 2 yrs (full time) / 3 yrs (part time) and for candidates with Diplomate of the National Board - 3 yrs (full time) / 4 yrs (part time).

The candidates for the January 2014 session are;

1) Dr. P Vijaya Krishnan, Consultant ENT Surgeon, MERF - Research topic is "Study on prevalence and risk factors for sleep disordered breathing in syndromic children"
2) Dr. S. Sudhamaheswari, Consultant ENT Surgeon, MERF - Research topic is "Study of etiological factors, risk factors and genetic association in children with congenital bilateral profound hearing loss in the state of Tamil Nadu".

The candidates for the January 2013 session are;

1) Dr. Sathiya Murali, Consultant ENT Surgeon, MERF - Research topic is "Factors influencing Cortical auditory evoked potentials in cochlear implantees"
2) Dr. Kiran Natarajan, Consultant ENT Surgeon, MERF - Research topic is "Metabolic syndrome and hypothyroidism in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome"

PhD in Audiology / Speech and Language pathology –
Duration: For Candidates with Masters Degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology is 3 yrs (full time) / 4 yrs (part time).

Candidate for the January 2013 session is;

1) Mr. R. Ranjith, Chief Audiologist, MERF Institute of Speech and Hearing - Research topic is "Cortical auditory evoked potentials in Auditory Brainstem implantees".

Implantation Otology Fellowship programme

The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University has accredited MERF to conduct post doctoral fellowship programme in implantation otology from January 2011. This fellowship is for 1 year catering to two young ENT surgeons every year with interest in the field of implantation otology. Candidates with MS ENT/ DNB ENT are eligible to apply to MERF for the same by November each year.The first candidate to successfully complete the fellowship programme was a major from Bangladesh Army (Dr. Major Mohd Delwar Hossain - 2011-12) and Dr. Prashant Sharma from Mumbai was next to complete in 2012-13. Dr. Deepanshu Singhal has completed the fellowship in 2013-2014.
Presently Dr. John K. Thomas and Dr. Rabindra Bhakta Pradhananga are pursuing the fellowship.


DNB Training Programme:
The culmination of its academic achievement was the recognition by The National Board of Examinations as a post-graduate center, for training post-graduate students in the field of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck surgery.

This department is headed by Prof. Mohan Kameswaran and coordinated by Prof. R. S. Anand Kumar.
Every year two eligible candidates are selected ( One direct MBBS & One Post DLO ) on merit basis every year in the month of January for that academic year and intense training is given during their academic course. They will have topic discussions daily, case presentation twice a week and journal club every month. Candidates will be given training in advanced surgical techniques in this speciality. Candidates are given stipend during their training period. Candidates are sent to other institutions for specialized training..
Candidates will be appearing for their final examinations in the month of December after two years ( Post DLO candidate ) / three years ( direct MBBS candidate) as per the norms given by The National Board of Examinations. Candidate will be doing their thesis work under the guidance of the senior consultant during their training period for its submission to The National Board of Examinations.

Dr. Kiran Natarajan, who is now a consultant in MERF was our first DNB candidate, when DNB programme was started in MERF in 2001. She was the first DNB candidate who won the first "Prof. S. Kameswaran's gold medal" in this specialty. Dr. K. Karthikeyan, who did DNB with us also, won the "Prof. S. Kameswaran's gold medal" in the year 2008. Till date 20 candidates were given training in this specialty under DNB programme. Candidates who have passed out from MERF are now in various cities doing marvelous work.

How to apply for DNB Training Programme?

Eligible Candidates are directed to see the National Board of Examinations website ( for admission procedures.


The institution is recognized as a higher training center for training post graduates from Rajah Muthiah Medical College Hospital, Annamalai University, Chidambaram and Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry.

The institution is also recognized by the Armed Forces for higher training of their ENT specialists.

MERF also receives several overseas fellows each year who receive training in advanced surgical techniques in the specialty.

In the field of academics too, Madras ENT Research Foundation has had its fair share of achievements. The consultants and students regularly publish articles in international and national journals, and participate in paper presentations, as guest speaker and as panelist in panel discussions in various national and international level conferences.

MERF DNB candidates

1. Dr.Kiran Natarajan
2. Dr.Jeeth Jacob
3. Dr.Jagadeesh Mardhandum
4. Dr.M.Parthiban
5. Dr.A.Soodimuthu
6. Dr.P.Vijaya Krishnan
7. Dr.S.Sudha Maheswari
8. Dr.K.Karthikeyan
9. Dr.L.Srividya
10. Dr.Abuzar Indorewala
11. Dr.Tanmay Bansal
12. Dr.Anoop Agarwal
13. Dr.Arpana Shekar
14. Dr.Deepanshu Singhal
15. Dr.Ashish Alappatt
16. Dr.John k. Thomas
17. Dr.Shyam Sudhakar
18. Dr.Preethi. P.
19. Dr.Amarnath Devarasetty
20. Dr.Geetha Nair
21. Dr.Jerry Jacob
22. Dr.Thangammal Begum
23. Dr.Vibha Chordia

Specialized training given for post graduates

1. Temporal bone dissection lab at MERF
2. Hands-on FESS Workshop at KEM Hospital, Pune
3. Hands-on FESS & Temporal bone Workshop at Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai
4. Hands on STANFESS Cadaver dissection course at Stranley Medical College
5. Training at Sundaram Medical Foundation Dr.Rangarajan Memorial Hospital