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pre-anaesthetic assessment clinic

The Department of Anaesthesiology was set up with the back drop of the increased work of highly specialized and technical surgical work done in MERF.

The basic foundation of a good Anaesthesia department is the availability of knowledgeable personnel, updated State of the Art Equipment, and well equipped operation theatres, which goes a long way in total patient care. MERF is proud to have all these under one roof, which makes it one of the finest centers to provide a soothening experience for a patient undergoing surgery.

It is headed by a group of dedicated anaesthetists, under the guidance of Dr. M. Jagannath, and ably assisted by Dr. J. Sarada and Dr. S. Sathyabhama Pari.

The department functions 24x7 and has 3 theatres which functions optimally.The ultimate aim is to make the patient comfortable before, during and after surgery.

The patient comes to the department for a pre-operative check up and a thorough history and complete clinical examination is done. A psychological assessment and a complete explanation regarding the details of anaesthesia is provided both orally and with a leaflet, both in English and vernacular languages. A good amount of time is spent with the patients, to allay any doubts from the patients mind. This pre operative interaction helps in the final outcome.

"Vigilance is the Eternal price of Safety" (This is the motto of the department) This sentence is the unwritten law in the department. The department along with well equipped theatres has a post operative ward, and a Post Anaesthesia Intensive Care unit. An anaesthetic nursing assistant is posted in each theatre. The post operative ward is manned by special nursing staff who are trained in immediate post operative care.
The post anaesthesia intensive care unit is a specialized unit where all major cases requiring continuous monitoring are admitted. Medical and nursing personnel are available round the clock.

The department is proud that their medical personnel attend important conferences in India and abroad to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of anaesthesia.

The medical acumen should also be supported by latest medical equipments. All theatres are equipped with Drager and Aestiva anaesthetic work stations. A VAMOS gas analyser system is also available for accurate gas and volatile anaesthetic agents measurement intra-operatively.Drager Vista, Philips Intellivue and Star monitoring systems with capnography and arterial blood pressure monitors are available in each theatre. EPOC arterial blood gas analyser is available for instant analysis.Digi infusion pumps and syringe pumps are available in all theatres to help in proper administration of drugs. Bair warmer with temperature control helps to keep the patient warm during surgery. A peripheral nerve stimulator helps in neuro-muscular monitoring. The theatres have central oxygen and suction units. The Post anaesthesia intensive care unit is equipped with Drager Savina and Raphael ventilators for paediatric and adult ventilation. Monitoring of vital signs is done with Welch Allyn and Philips monitoring systems.